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Please, help me, I’m desperate


Hi guys, so, I’m desperately looking for this incredible fanfiction I’ve read a few months ago and wanted to read again.
I have absolutely no idea of its name or author, but the story has something to do with Sandor’s ship sailing and Sansa is a mermaid and takes him to an island, saving him. They stay together in this island, he builds her some pools so she can stay with him and IT’S REALLY REALLY PERFECT PLEASE HELP ME {{this is a really shitty summary —’}}

Is it The Saltwater Maid?

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I was tagged by asimplylucia.

1. Who is your favorite fictional character (apart from ASOIAF’s world) and what do you like about him/her?

Galadriel for sure! I get mega-feels about her. I’m pretty much like Gimli when it comes to Galadriel.

2. When you were a kid, what job did you want to do? If you do a different job now, do you have any regrets?

I wanted to be an artist. I was going to study fine art in college and when i realized how much better everyone’s work was than mine I dropped out. I really wish I had stuck with it.

3. Favorite black-and-white movie?

I’m kind of pleb when it comes to old movies. 

4. If you were an animal, which one would you want to be?

An otter.

5. If you were going to spend a long time on a desert island and you could pick three items, what would it be?

A knife, matches and one of the water bottles with a filter.

6. You lose it and you kidnap George R. R. Martin. What do you do?

Tell me the end obviously. Then I’d make him write an entire story of Sandor’s life.

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I was tagged by smallestgrackle. I cant think of any good questions to re-post but here are my answers.

1. Fuck/Marry/Kill:  Me, Yoda, or your first cousin. YEAH. FIGURE THAT SHIT OUT. 

Wow, okay then. Fuck Yoda, it might be cool, right? Marry Grackle. I have a couple cousins I could live without, sorry cousins.

2. What is on your favorite sandwich?

Avocado, tomato, cucumber and cream cheese on toast.

3. Weirdest coincidence you’ve ever had OR most eerie, paranormal-ish thing that’s happened to you.

The first apartment my husband and I lived in was pretty creepy. We woke up one morning and all my clothes were taken off the hangers and thrown in a pile on the closet floor. I can’t even blame it on booze, it was really weird.

4. When did you first get the “sex talk” and how awkward was that shit huh?

Ugh… Our church was doing a series of sermons on Love so one day before church my mom had the talk with me. It was the typical, gross, southern baptist, evangelical “purity” thing. Bleh.

5. You must pick one. You can never consume the other EVER AGAIN. Cheese or chocolate?

Chocolate for sure. I don’t eat a lot of cheese.

6. If you had to lose one of these senses, which would you choose? Smell, Taste, Hearing, or Sight.

Probably hearing. Noise makes me stressed and I already watch TV and movies with the subtitles on.

7. Your first fandom?


8. What’s the most recent dream you had that you can recall?

Eating a corned beef sandwich with Anthony Bourdain.

9. What’s your favorite curse word or offensive phrase?

Fuck, i guess. I kind of like them all though. I’ve been trying to reign myself in because I have a 2 year old.

10. What language(s) can you write and/or speak?

English. I remember a little bit of Spanish from high school.

11. What is the most amazing thing you’ve experienced in “nature” — away from human society and structures?

Visiting Cumberland Island off the coast of Georgia was pretty amazing. You have to take a Ferry, there is no access by road. There was so much wildlife and the live oaks were big and beautiful. The wild horses roaming the island and the beaches were my favorite part.